Monday, September 10, 2007

Roger Federer - the Winner Takes it All

The US Open is Federer's 12th grand slam title, two short of Pete Sampras's record. He has won four times at Flushing Meadows, five times at Wimbledon and three titles at the Australian Open. But the French Open title still eludes him.

2.400.000 $$$. That's too much!!! I overslept the final between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. But being Swiss, I really wanted to see the final ball at the Swiss news channel Tagesschau. This should have been Number One coverage on Swiss TV.

But guess what was shown: Pre-election intrigues, Switzerland 5 years in the U.N., Nawaz Sharif pushed away again(Pakistan's former President), U.S. troups to withdraw from Irak?, Maddie, Merckel and Sarkozy, Olmert and Abbas, Chicungunya raging (in Italy), Vienna Philharmonics in Lucerne with 26 year old musical director. Then the weather. That's it. Not a single word about Roger Federer. To think of it - it was not even covered in the newspapers because Federer won after midnight when the newspapers were being printed already. Has Roger Federer become too successful for us Swiss to bear?

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